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Hi children,

Here I send you the chapter VIII summary we did in class all toguether. Remember that it is not finished!! You have to mention how the wizard turns everything back into normal.

Remember you have to do the paragraph we did in class but with your own likes and dislikes about food and drinks and that I will check your notebooks next week, so BRING YOUR ENGLISH NOTEBOOKS TO SCHOOL EVERY DAY WITHOUT ANY EXCUSE.

See you on Monday,



‘The Wizard’

The wizard is in Bathsheba’s kitchen. He tells Bathsheba that all the situation is a disaster and that he must make a spell for everything go back to normal.
Then Bathsheba asks the wizard that if he thinks that technology is a good thing. The wizard answers to Bathsheba that it really is but she must do the witches and wizards course.
Afterwards Bathsheba tells the wizard that she is in love with Captain Troy and the wizard says that she doesn’t need any love potion because she is very beautiful.
Later the wizard says to Bathsheba that she makes the disaster and she must have a punishment. He gives to Bathsheba a letter for the Green Dragon and Bathsheba is afraid.
Finally the wizard turns all the situation back to normal.

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